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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

As well as creating a new website for our customers, we can update your existing one. We can keep your site maintained with the latest security patches and advise you on new features keeping your site ahead of your competition.



Click here to login to your webmail account. If you have misplaced your details, please call or send us a contact request.

Social Media & Networking

Social Media & Networking

We offer simple advice on the best ways to get the best from Social Media for your business and we can even keep it updated for you, for more information please give us a call.

Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting Services

We offer various types of hosting for customers ranging from shared hosted solutions to bespoke custom built servers. All of our servers are hosted in the UK, so giving your customers quick access to your site with the latency delays…

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

This is where the programmes and data that you use every day can be stored on a server which is on the internet. This is very secure and allows you to access all of your files where ever in the…

Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

We offer all type of websites. Some are created on customers own web platform and many are done on behalf of other web companies. We are a UK company, so you can talk to us to English and we understand the UK market and you needs so we can help you make the right decisions … Continued

Welcome to purehosting

We offer a simple bespoke solution for your website

At purehosting we offer all aspects of hosting from individual sites to running full e-commerce business sites. We are here to help those customers who have no knowledge of websites to the experts who would like to do all the hosting themselves - we have a solution for everyone.

We have many happy customers as we have provided them with a solution that works for them and their needs. The service offer includes our commitment to setup your website tailored to meet your defined requirements. We offer a continued relation beyond the setting up of your website which extends if you require updating your website as and when it is required. Your Website is your opportunity to sell your goods and services and it is our opportunity to assist you.

You will be surprised to know that most of our customers use us on a daily basis to do all their web updates for them. We are able to update information quickly, efficiently and also cheaper than them doing it in-house. Therefore you can continue to run your business to get the best from it and leave us to make sure the website is 100%.

Give us a call and we will be happy to go through all your needs. We offer a cost effective bespoken personal service. Your website is our website. If you look good, we look good!



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